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Maximize your digital marketing strategy with the Bandung website development service. Expand your target market in the culinary, cafe, handicrafts, fashion, and other businesses with better management and completeness of features on the website.

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Our Services.

Company Profile

Website company profile makes it easy for company to manage information company so that can increase credibility company.

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Online Shop

E-commerce websites can help increase online sales with a variety of shopping features that make it easier for sellers and consumers.

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The government website facilitates the provision of public information dissemination and easy access to the latest regulations.

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Tour & Travel

The tour and travel website can assist in managing schedules and booking travel packages online with an integrated system.

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School & College

School and college websites facilitate the dissemination of actual educational information with announcement features, the latest agenda, and a list of educators.

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Landing page

The landing page serves as a strategic promotional medium with fast and lightweight accessibility, allowing for broad market reach.

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News Portal

The news website portal facilitates the management of information and current news with extensive coverage.

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Exclusive Website Personalization for Digital Business Needs.

Aligned with our competence and latest technology, our Studio helps brands to reach impactful business growth.

SEO Friendly

Developed according to SEO and Google guidelines for optimal performance.


The website is created and customized to be mobile, tablet, and PC-friendly for easy accessibility.

Optimal Performance

Developing a website with high competence and standards to ensure optimal performance.

Latest Technology

Using dynamic technology updates to adapt to every kind of demand.

Premium Design

Exclusive design planned to suit client's business and user experience for precise purpose.

Development of Lightweight Code

Strive to develop systems with minimal code to increase access speed.

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We’ve collected the frequently asked questions below to help you get the answers you need regarding our service.

The cost of website development service in Bandung starts from IDR 9,000,000 to above IDR 30,000,000 if there are many needs and adjustments.

The fastest possible timeline for website development typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, while the maximum duration depends on the specific needs of the company and the scope of the project.

Website development already includes domain name and hosting, however, if you already have a domain and hosting, we can still work on creating your website on the existing domain and hosting.

Additional fees will only be charged if you purchase additional plugin, language interpreter, and domain upgrade to support website performance.

The requirements that need to be prepared regarding the Solo website development service are a company brief that contains an explanation about the company, as well as image and video assets for your website's content.

The payment system for website development is based on a One Time Fee scheme, which allows for either upfront payment or a 50% deposit at the start of the project and the remaining 50% upon completion. Additionally, there is an annual fee for server rental and domain ownership.

We are capable of developing websites for a variety of business sectors, including start-ups, restaurants, government agencies, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned enterprises, schools, universities, and even large corporations.

The scope of the Bandung website creation service area at Sekawan Studio covers the entire region, namely as follows: Andir, Antapani, Cibadak, Karanganyar, Karasak, Nyengseret, Panjunan, Pelindunghewan, Babakan, Babakanciparay, Sukahaji, Cibuntu, Cigondewah Kaler, Cigondewah Kidul, Gempolsari, Warungmuncang, Cihapit, Citarum, Tamansari, Binong, Kopo, Cibaduyut, Cicadas, Husen Sastranegara, Pajajaran, Pasirkaliki, Sukaraja, Ciumbuleuit, Cipaganti, Dago, Lebakgede, Lebaksiliwangi, Sadangserang, Rancabolang, Babakansari, Cicaheum, Sukapura, Burangrang, Balonggede, Pasteur, Gegerkalong, Isola, Sarijadi, Sukarasa, Babakanciamis, Braga and other areas.

Currently consultations are only conducted via online. However, if you need an in-person consultation in Bandung, you can discuss it further via our WhatsApp.

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Achieve a Responsive Website and Unlock Business Growth Potential

Bandung is the second-largest city that significantly contributes to the economic growth of West Java province. In a regional context, the economy of Bandung city shows a positive trend. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the economic growth of Bandung city reached 5.41% in 2022.

The Department of Trade and Industry is a sector that plays a significant role, contributing 45% to the economic growth of Bandung city. This emphasizes the importance of the government and the industry's role in the economic improvement of Bandung city.

BPS records, based on the Indonesian Standard Industrial Classification (KBLI), that Bandung city itself had more than 1,400 large and medium-sized industries in 2020. Therefore, it is not surprising that the industry is the largest contributor to the economic growth of Bandung city.

The abundance of these industries demands business players to compete with each other. Ultimately, this situation requires businesses to find effective strategies for marketing activities.

In this regard, digital marketing strategies using electronic media are one of the options that business players can choose. One of the electronic media that can be utilized is a website. a website.

If you find it challenging to create a professional website, use the trusted and proven credibility of a Bandung website development service, such as Sekawan Studio. Sekawan Studio provides professional website development services for industries and various institutions in Bandung.

The Importance of a Website for Businesses in Bandung

Bandung has industries operating in various sectors, ranging from textiles, food, beverages to accommodation, with a considerable number of companies. This condition creates a competitive market in the Bandung region.

This, of course, poses a challenge for business players to find the right strategies to dominate the market. In this regard, businesses can utilize digital marketing channels such as a responsive website.

A website is a suitable choice for digital marketing because of the high number of internet users in Bandung. Based on data from 2021, the number of internet users in Bandung reached 2.1 million people. Here are the reasons why a website is crucial for your business:

1. Establishing an Online Presence

A website helps you establish an online presence for your business, making it discoverable by people through the internet. This is advantageous because it makes your business more easily known by customers and potential investors.

2. Enhancing Credibility

Having a website enhances the credibility of your business. Data shows that 84% of consumers consider a website a more trustworthy electronic medium compared to social media. Other data also indicates that 75% of consumers assess the credibility of a business based on the design of the company's website.

This means that consumers tend to trust businesses with professional and consistent website designs. Sekawan Studio provides website development services in Bandung to help you create a professional website.

3. Expanding Business Reach

When you have an offline store, customers who come to buy products or services are limited to the store's area. This is different if you have a website. A website helps your business be available online and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

A website also helps you expand your business reach in the local area where your store is located. Therefore, imagine how many potential customers you can reach by having a website. 

4. Providing 24-Hour Service

Through a website, you can provide 24-hour service to potential customers by providing comprehensive information about the products and services offered. Additionally, you can support 24-hour service using various website features.

For example, you can add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature to provide answers to frequently asked questions by customers. Moreover, you can use a chatbot to answer customer questions directly.

With the ease and features like these, the services you provide become more accessible, effective, and efficient. You also don't need to worry about not being able to provide the best service to customers.

5. Increasing Sales

It is known that 97% of consumers say that a website influences their purchases. The presence of a website makes it easier for customers to find information and make purchases of your products or services.

How Sekawan Studio Website Development Services in Bandung Can Help You?

Recognizing the importance of a website for businesses, Sekawan Studio is committed to providing the best website development services in Bandung. The website development at Sekawan Studio is executed directly by professionals, ensuring high-quality results.

Sekawan Studio's website development services in Bandung offer comprehensive services and features for you, including:

  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Deployment
  • Content migration
  • Website Maintenance

All these services are applicable for professional website development services in Bandung across various industries. Sekawan Studio can handle website development for different business sectors. Here is a list:

1. Online Shop

Sekawan Studio's website development services in Bandung can assist you in creating a professional website to support your online shop business entering the digital market in Bandung.

Through this service, we ensure your website has responsive features and can adapt to dynamic market changes.

2. Government Institutions

Government institutions play a crucial role in providing public services to the people of Bandung. With a website, the Bandung city government can offer effective and efficient public services. Moreover, a website can enhance communication between the government and the public.

3. Hotel

According to data from BPS, the field of accommodation providers was one of the industries contributing to the economic growth in Bandung in 2022. Considering this data, the accommodation industry in Bandung has high growth potential.

Sekawan Studio's website development in Bandung can help you tap into the growth potential of the accommodation industry through a responsive website design.

4. News Portals

The high internet penetration in Indonesia has changed people's behavior in seeking news and information. According to BPS, 74.9% of Indonesians search for information and news online.

This fact demands that news providers have an online presence to deliver accurate and fast information to the public. This can be achieved through a website for an online news portal.

5. Education

Websites can facilitate the administrative processes of educational institutions and help prospective students obtain comprehensive information about the school or campus they are interested in.

If your business type is not listed above, don't worry – whatever your business is, we are ready to help you create a responsive and exclusive website.

Advantages of Sekawan Studio Website Development Services in Bandung!

Entrust your website creation to Sekawan Studio's website development service in Bandung. Our professionalism and quality of work have been proven with a good track record. Our clients have expressed satisfaction with the services provided.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Sekawan Studio's website development services in Bandung:

1. Based on SEO Guidelines

Not all websites can perform optimally in search engines. You still need optimization efforts using SEO strategies for your website to appear on the first page of search results.

The good news is that Sekawan Studio's website development services in Bandung are executed following Google's guidelines, ensuring SEO-friendly results. Thus, your website will be more easily found in search engines.

2. Varied Prices

You don't have to worry about the cost of Sekawan Studio's website development services in Bandung. We provide variable prices depending on the package you choose. The website creation prices at Sekawan Studio start from Rp7 million.

3. Responsive Design

Data shows that 83% of mobile phone users say that seamless website accessibility on all devices is crucial. This is why you should create a responsive website design.

As a provider of professional website development services in Bandung, Sekawan Studio will help you create a website with a responsive design to adapt to the screen of every electronic device.

4. User Experience Orientation

User experience is essential to consider because it can influence user satisfaction while navigating your website.

Sekawan Studio understands the consumer journey when visiting a site, making us proficient in creating user-friendly websites.

5. Exclusive Design According to Company Persona

Every industry has different feature needs. Rest assured, we provide website development services in Bandung that allow you to request features according to your needs.

We will also design the website according to the company's persona, creating a website with an exclusive design. This is important because 94% of a consumer's first impression of your website is influenced by its design.

Get a Professional and Responsive Website from Sekawan Studio!

Through solid teamwork across divisions, Sekawan Studio will provide the best website development services in Bandung for you. You can check our work results by visiting the portfolio page.

Now is the time for you to dominate the market and achieve massive business growth through a responsive website. What are you waiting for? Contact our target marketing team via WhatsApp and get all the benefits we offer right now!

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