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Create intuitive and interactive website through website development service in line with your business scope. This service optimize business website with exclusive features to support comfortable user experience.

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Company Profile.

Suitable website for companies, starting from UMKM, BUMN, and private company.
Company Profile.


Suitable website for business that wants to promote and sell products through online store.


Suitable website for government agency, starting from regency government to national government.


Suitable website for travel agency business with convenient tour package bookings management.


Suitable website for academic institution, starting from PAUD, TK, SD, SMP, SMP, and University.

Landing page.

Website page suitable for brief company profile, promotion, special offers, and campaign activity.
Landing page.

News Portal.

Suitable website for press media and online news to encourage real-time news publication.
News Portal.


A suitable website for a restaurant business that includes information on menus, location, and online reservations.

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The price for making a website starts from Rp9.000.000 up to more than Rp31.000.000 if there are many needs and adjustments.

The fastest time for a website development takes 2 to 3 weeks, for maximum working time depends on the needs and scope of work.

Website development already includes domain name and hosting, but if you already have a domain, we can still work on creating your website.

Aside from website development, we provide other website-related services such as maintenance website, design website, and SEO service.

Additional fees will only be charged if you purchase additional plugin, language interpreter, and domain upgrade to support website performance.

You need to prepare a company brief that contains an explanation regarding the company, also image & video assets for the website's content. We will help you during the process!

The payment system for developing a website is One Time Fee, which can be paid up front, or 50% at the beginning and 50% at the end. There is also a server and domain rental fee for every year.

Build Online Presence with the Best Website

Online presence is one of the preferred way for people to build online persona that can be discovered by people publicly. For an individual, a good digital persona can widen their social network and increase their potential to grow professionally. For an organization or a company, online presence doesn’t only give them visibility for the public, but also increases their credibility and allow them to direct the image they want to create.

Using the best website to represent the value they want to show is one of the best media that can be used to build an online presence. Websites can be easily found through search engine, thus increasing the chance for every internet users to see the well-made website. Visibility is one of the greatest advantage a website can offer, because public introduction for a company is the first step to reach a positive image and public reliability.

Digital persona created by professional website can give off positive image in the public. Additionally, company with great online presence will have positive impact for the business, because having great digital existence means high public awareness and becoming one of the remarkable brand in public eye. This will help significant business growth by the increase of potential business conversion.

However, a non well-made websites won’t create a positive online persona. Therefore, one needs to work with an experienced expert to create the best website. Sekawan Studio offers the best website development service for company, organization, or individual who needs a professional website for their online presence.

Benefits of Having a Website as Online Media

With the many perks one can get from using a website, there are many who become interested in having a website. Professional website development service provided by Sekawan Studio can help someone personally or company to attain the benefits of having a website as an online media. Some of the benefits of having a website are:

1. Company information source

Websites can be found easily through search engine by the public without time or space limitation, therefore company information inside the website can be seen by the public. This information availability will create public trust for the company, positive image, and company credibility.

2. Personal branding media

Personal website is one of the ways for someone to widen their network through internet. One can build a personal branding for their own benefit. Other than that, a company can also do their branding through a website. Websites as branding media can be used to display work portfolio, journal, and blog.

3. Promotion media and transaction tools 

As an easily discovered media, website is the perfect promotion media for business needs. Aside from being a promotion media, website can also become an efficient transaction tools for customers in different region.

4. Increase market reach and social network

Websites can be accessed by all people in all places, therefore it will increase visibility significantly. For companies, websites will increase their potential target market to the point of an international market. For personal gain, visibility offered by website will widen their social network that can give them positive benefits.

5. As a community gathering point

Website can be filled with complete information that can be accessed all the time, therefore making websites a great community source. The members will be able to find the website easily to learn about the community via the websites, and guide the potential members and introduce them to be in contact with the community directly.

In this digital era, website is an online media with a lot of benefits. The benefits of having a website can be received by a personal individual, organization, company, and community. To help everyone gain the benefits of having an optimal website, Sekawan Studio offers responsive website development service with the best result. Discuss your digital needs with our team and get the best performing website.

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