Affiliate with Sekawan Studio.

Build a business relation with Sekawan Studio as an affiliate agent through Sekawan Studio services promotion activity. Affiliate partners have opportunity to be a collaboration agent and gain commission benefits from every contract achieved.

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Obtain Benefits by Affiliating with Sekawan Studio.

Fee benefit up to 10%

By joining this affiliate program, our partners are eligible to receive commission fee up to 10% from the agreed price.

Affiliate Program for Competent Partners.

As an experienced website development service provider, we are fully dedicated to give optimal service with the best quality.

Websites developed by Sekawan Studio are created by reliable and adaptive field experts in technology for the clients to receive the best output.

Sekawan Studio gives space for every clients to collaborate in the ideation process with accurate technology application. Therefore, we are able to produce output with the highest quality and precise business purpose.

We make efforts to give supports and continuous update on the quality of every products we have released.

We are always adapting to the latest technology update for maximum and most updated result. Websites with proper technology will deliver the best performance.

Company Partners.

Sekawan Studio is always open to build collaboration with companies who want to advance in technology industry.


Employees can offer our services to their company to aid the needs of their company.

Freelance Agent

Freelance agents without full-time career can also register to our affiliate program to mutually receive benefits.


Students can offer our services to other students or colleagues that need website technology service.

All Types of People

People from all kind of background can join this affiliate program without any specific terms and condition for free.

Affiliate Arrangement.

Through a few essential steps, we have adjusted Sekawan Studio affiliation program to suit client’s needs for faster working period.

Service Offering


Service Offering

You can offer our services to your prospective colleagues, all information regarding the offered services can be accessed on .

Service Choosing


Service Choosing

You and your colleague can discuss about the offered service packages on out website. Service choosing can be adjusted to the client’s needs.

Registration Through Form


Registration Through Form

You need to fill the online form below completely, including: your name, phone number, and your email.

Website Analysis


Website Analysis

After registration, Sekawan Studio team will contact you for more information. We will analyze your client’s website needs according to the provided needs to reach the best agreement.

Officiate Partnership


Officiate Partnership

We will release the MoU between Sekawan Studio and you consisting of the discussed agreement including commission and payment method.

Project Starts


Project Starts

Sekawan Studio works on the project according the client’s brief following the needs analysis. Then followed by quality check of the finished project and client’s training for the website operational.

Projects Done & Payment


Projects Done & Payment

Project finishes then followed by back up data transfer to the client and commission fee payment.

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We’ve collected the frequently asked questions below to help you get the answers you need.

We can adjust the price for request without domain and hosting.

For additional domain other than our offer, there is additional fee for the chosen domain.

Additional pages outside of our package will be charged additional fee for Design and Development service.

There are no specific criteria to be part of the affiliate program. You just need to register through the provided form if you already have prospective clients. 

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