Management Department FEB UB.

Management Department is part of the Brawijaya University Faculty of Economic and Business. This department has the best academic facilitations to support the students in developing their business knowledge and able to produce successful alumni in the working field.

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Design Project, Website Development


home page manajemen feb

Easy Access with Responsive Website.

A responsive website can adjust to desktop and mobile screen size and change the website layout automatically depending on the users’ devices. Users’ convenient access will increase FEB UB Management website traffic.

Home Page Manajemen Desktop
Home Page Manajemen Tablet
Home Page Manajemen Mobile

The Best Dream Website Solution.

Responsive Page

Making the FEB UB Management website page to be more responsive to the latest technology with precise usage that can make the visitors feel comfortable and interested to visit the website.

Informative Website Page

Using simple layout, brief information is described accurately to make the visitors understand the delivered information easily.

Up to date Design

Latest design application, appropriate image size, and suitable color composition that fits the company identity will create a professional image for the visitors.

Attractive Color and Typography Combination Represents More Professional Brand Personality.

Kami mempersiapkan desain sistem secara rinci dan mengidentifikasi komponen sistem informasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan. Pengaturan tata letak yang sesuai, kombinasi warna terbaik dan pemilihan font yang sederhana  menciptakan kesan user friendly, elegan, dan profesional.








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