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Develop the potential of the tourism sector through the effectiveness of disseminating information via Semarang website development services. The ease of access to information for visitors through technological advancements opens up opportunities for introducing tourism potential internationally.

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Our Services.

Company Profile

Website company profile makes it easy for company to manage information company so that can increase credibility company.

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Online Shop

E-commerce websites can help increase online sales with a variety of shopping features that make it easier for sellers and consumers.

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The government website facilitates the provision of public information dissemination and easy access to the latest regulations.

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Tour & Travel

The tour and travel website can assist in managing schedules and booking travel packages online with an integrated system.

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School & College

School and college websites facilitate the dissemination of actual educational information with announcement features, the latest agenda, and a list of educators.

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Landing page

The landing page serves as a strategic promotional medium with fast and lightweight accessibility, allowing for broad market reach.

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News Portal

The news website portal facilitates the management of information and current news with extensive coverage.

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Exclusive Website Personalization for Digital Business Needs.

Aligned with our competence and latest technology, our Studio helps brands to reach impactful business growth.

SEO Friendly

Developed according to SEO and Google guidelines for optimal performance.


The website is created and customized to be mobile, tablet, and PC-friendly for easy accessibility.

Optimal Performance

Developing a website with high competence and standards to ensure optimal performance.

Latest Technology

Using dynamic technology updates to adapt to every kind of demand.

Premium Design

Exclusive design planned to suit client's business and user experience for precise purpose.

Development of Lightweight Code

Strive to develop systems with minimal code to increase access speed.

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We’ve collected the frequently asked questions below to help you get the answers you need regarding our service.

The cost of website development services in Semarang ranges from Rp9.000.000 to over Rp30.000.000, depending on the number of requirements and customization needed.

The fastest possible timeline for website development typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, while the maximum duration depends on the specific needs of the company and the scope of the project.

The website development service in Semarang already includes a domain name and hosting, but if you already have your own domain and hosting, we can still work on developing your website using the existing domain and hosting.

Other than website development in Semarang, we also provide additional services such as: maintenance website, design website, and SEO service.

Additional charges for Semarang website development services will only apply if you purchase extra plugins, language interpreter, and domain or hosting upgrades to enhance website performance.

The requirements that need to be prepared regarding the Solo website development service are a company brief that contains an explanation about the company, as well as image and video assets for your website's content.

The payment system for Semarang website development services is a one-time fee, which can be paid in full upfront or 50% at the beginning and 50% upon completion. Additionally, there is an annual fee for server rental and domain maintenance.

We can develop websites for various segments of the market, including startups, restaurants, government institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), state-owned enterprises (SOEs), schools, universities, and even large corporations.

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Interactive and Responsive Websites: The Secret to Massive Business Growth in Semarang.

Semarang is one of the cities with a high number of industries. In fact, this city, dubbed as the Atlas City, has its own industrial zone. In the past year, 2022, Semarang successfully achieved an economic growth of 5.73%. This growth is the result of contributions from various types of industries, including manufacturing, trade, and construction.

This illustrates the high economic potential of Semarang while also highlighting the intense competition in the business sector in that region. Given this reality, business players in the city of Semarang must devise effective strategies to succeed in the market competition, both at the local and national levels.

Nowadays, the presence of the internet can facilitate various business activities, including marketing. In this regard, you can utilize electronic media to reach a broader target market.

One effective electronic medium for marketing strategies is a website. Through a website, you can provide various business information and offer the best services to customers.

Therefore, let's bring to life a website with an attractive and responsive design using Semarang website development services from Sekawan Studio. Our services are comprehensive and offer various advantages for you.

Why is a Website Needed in Business?

The internet penetration in Indonesia reached 78.19% in 2023. This figure indicates the widespread use of the internet in Indonesia. This fact has driven changes in people's behavior, especially in seeking information.

In the past, people in Indonesia obtained information through word of mouth, print advertising, radio, or television. Now, they quickly access information through the internet. Data shows that 74.9% of the Indonesian population accesses the internet to find information and news. On the other hand, there are 20.53% of the population accessing the internet to obtain information about goods and services.

So, this is the right time to leverage the internet in business marketing to reach a wider consumer base. Utilize a website as one of the electronic media that will assist you in achieving your company's goals.

Regardless of the scale of your business and the type of industry you are in, a website will enhance your marketing strategies to be more effective and efficient. Furthermore, here are some reasons why you need a website in business:

1. Increasing Visibility

When you have an offline store, your business is only known to customers in the store's vicinity. With a website, you can establish an online presence on the internet, strengthening your business position in the local area.

At the same time, you can also reach potential customers beyond the vicinity of your store or company. For example, if your business operates in the Semarang area, potential customers outside that region can easily find your business.

2. Cost Effective

Having a website makes your operational and marketing activities more cost-effective. It allows you to provide services to customers anywhere without having a physical store in every location. Therefore, you don't need to spend a lot on renting and maintaining buildings.

3. Serving Customers 24/7

A website consists of several pages that allow you to provide comprehensive information about your business. If customers visit the website outside of working hours, they can still obtain information about your business.

Furthermore, a website can be designed with various features to assist you in providing the best services for customers. For example, the chatbot feature on a website can help you automatically answer customer questions 24/7.

Semarang website development services from Sekawan Studio will assist you in developing a website with various features according to your needs.

4. Increasing Leads

The availability of business information on the website allows customers to make transactions anytime and anywhere. This will undoubtedly lead to an increase in leads and conversions.

The Importance of an Attractive Website Design

Website design is crucial to pay attention to because it can have a significant impact on performance and revenue. This is because 94% of the first impressions of internet users on a website are influenced by its design.

If the website design is not attractive, users are likely to switch to a competitor's website. This can have a negative impact on your website and business. Let's take a closer look at why an attractive website design is important.

1. Enhances Credibility

Data shows that 75% of internet users assess the credibility of a business based on its website design. A professional and consistent web design makes your business more credible and trustworthy.

Through Semarang website development services, Sekawan Studio will assist you in creating an attractive and responsive design. We will also customize the design according to your business persona.

2. Provides a Good User Experience

Website design is not just about its visual appearance but also its responsiveness to various electronic devices. A responsive website across different devices, including mobile phones, can enhance the user experience when visiting your website.

It is known that mobile phones contribute to new visitors with a percentage of 65%. Additionally, mobile phones also contribute to 74% of return visitors.

3. Builds a Good First Impression

Website visitors only need about 0.05 seconds to decide whether they like the website or not. This judgment is based on the appearance or design presented. Therefore, create an attractive and professional website design to convince them in a short amount of time.

Website Development Services in Semarang by Sekawan Studio

Sekawan Studio offers Semarang website development service that directly handled by professionals. Sekawan Studio is ready to be your partner in creating a responsive, interactive, and intuitive website. As the most comprehensive website development service provider in Semarang, we offer various feature services including:

  • Website development
  • Website design
  • Deployment
  • Content migration
  • Website Maintenance

Up to now, we have handled more than 150 projects for well-known companies operating in various industries and scales. This demonstrates our capability in handling various types of websites. Here is a list of the types of websites included in our services:

1. Online Shop

A total of 16.51% of internet users in Indonesia access the internet to make purchases of goods or services. This indicates that the presence of online stores is becoming increasingly essential for the Indonesian community.

An online store website can help you enter the digital market competition and simultaneously facilitate reaching a broader potential customer base.

2. Educational Institution

A website helps educational institutions provide comprehensive information about the programs and curricula they offer. A website can also serve as a modern learning platform for students.

Semarang website services from Sekawan Studio are the best solution to create a modern, responsive, and purposeful educational website.

3. Government Institutions

Sekawan Studio provides website development services in Semarang for government institutions ranging from local to national scales. The Semarang government needs a responsive website to ensure that public service agendas can be carried out to the fullest extent.

4. Tour and Travel

Semarang has various iconic and favorite tourist destinations for both domestic and international tourists. The website development services in Semarang by Sekawan Studio are the best solution to create a website that supports easy booking and marketing for tour and travel companies.

Please noted that in addition to the mentioned types of websites, Sekawan Studio also provides website development services for various other companies and industries. Whatever your business field, entrust your website development to Sekawan Studio.

The Advantages of Website Development Services in Semarang by Sekawan Studio!

Choose a professional website development service that offers numerous benefits for you. Sekawan Studio itself provides the best services with various advantages and attractive benefits. Here are the advantages of website development services in Semarang by Sekawan Studio:

1. Various Price Options Available

If you're looking for affordable website development services in Semarang, Sekawan Studio is the answer. We provide several service packages with varying prices. You can get the best deals by contacting our marketing team.

2. No Additional Fees

No need to worry about additional fees, as Semarang website development services by Sekawan Studio are free of additional charges. You will not incur any fees beyond the website development service price.

3. SEO Friendly

There are many factors that can influence the performance of a website on search engines, one of which is the SEO aspect of the website. Semarang website development services by Sekawan Studio are clearly SEO-friendly as they adhere to Google's guidelines.

4. Utilizes the Latest Technology

To support optimal website performance, website development services in Semarang by Sekawan Studio are executed using the latest technology. Our team will also implement lightweight coding, ensuring that your website has high accessibility.

Choose Sekawan Studio for Your Website Development Needs!

Don't make the wrong choice for website development services in Semarang. Choose Sekawan Studio because it has clear credibility and a good track record. This is evidenced by numerous renowned clients who have expressed satisfaction with our services.

Now it's your turn to create a responsive business website. Contact our marketing team through WhatsApp and seize the potential for business growth right away!

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