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Expand your business scope, enhance the tourism sector, and improve the quality of education with our website development service in Bogor. Applying digital marketing strategies can improve business prospects, and you can quickly disseminate tourism information through a centralized website with optimal results.

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Our Services.

Company Profile

Website company profile makes it easy for company to manage information company so that can increase credibility company.

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Online Shop

E-commerce websites can help increase online sales with a variety of shopping features that make it easier for sellers and consumers.

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The government website facilitates the provision of public information dissemination and easy access to the latest regulations.

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Tour & Travel

The tour and travel website can assist in managing schedules and booking travel packages online with an integrated system.

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School & College

School and college websites facilitate the dissemination of actual educational information with announcement features, the latest agenda, and a list of educators.

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Landing page

The landing page serves as a strategic promotional medium with fast and lightweight accessibility, allowing for broad market reach.

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News Portal

The news website portal facilitates the management of information and current news with extensive coverage.

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Exclusive Website Personalization for Digital Business Needs.

Aligned with our competence and latest technology, our Studio helps brands to reach impactful business growth.

SEO Friendly

Developed according to SEO and Google guidelines for optimal performance.


The website is created and customized to be mobile, tablet, and PC-friendly for easy accessibility.

Optimal Performance

Developing a website with high competence and standards to ensure optimal performance.

Latest Technology

Using dynamic technology updates to adapt to every kind of demand.

Premium Design

Exclusive design planned to suit client's business and user experience for precise purpose.

Development of Lightweight Code

Strive to develop systems with minimal code to increase access speed.

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Our Previous Collaboration with Entrusted Brands.

Sekawan Studio has been trusted by various companies to help their business grow.

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Manajemen Feb - Univertsitas Brawijaya
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We’ve collected the frequently asked questions below to help you get the answers you need regarding our service.

The cost of website development services in Bogor from Sekawan Studio starts from Rp9,000,000 and can go above Rp30,000,000 if there are many requirements and customizations.

The fastest possible timeline for website development typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, while the maximum duration depends on the specific needs of the company and the scope of the project.

The website development service at Sekawan Studio includes both domain name registration and hosting. However, if you already have a domain and hosting, we can still proceed with the website development on your existing domain and hosting.

Beside website development services, we also provide other services such as website maintenance, website design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. maintenance website, design website, and SEO service.

Additional fees will only be charged if you purchase additional plugin, language interpreter, and domain upgrade to support website performance.

The requirements that need to be prepared regarding the Solo website development service are a company brief that contains an explanation about the company, as well as image and video assets for your website's content.

The payment system for website development is based on a One Time Fee scheme, which allows for either upfront payment or a 50% deposit at the start of the project and the remaining 50% upon completion. Additionally, there is an annual fee for server rental and domain ownership.

We are capable of developing websites for a variety of business sectors, including start-ups, restaurants, government agencies, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned enterprises, schools, universities, and even large corporations.

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Increase Company Visibility in the Digital World to Reach a Broader Market with Business Websites!

Website Development Services in Bogor have recently been in high demand among internet users. This is related to the increasing influence of technology on business trends.

Nowadays, a significant portion of the Bogor community prefers to buy products or make transactions online. This has led business owners in Bogor to revamp their marketing strategies by using a website as a promotional tool. So, how important is a website for businesses in Bogor?

The Importance of Business Websites in Bogor

There are four promising business sectors in Bogor: trade, tourism, agribusiness, and culinary. Among these, the trade industry is the most potential, with over 3,000 businesses already involved, and it is expected to continue growing. Some trading businesses have even touched the export market, such as textiles, furniture, dolls, and more.

The abundance of businesses in the trade sector also influences the high buying interest among the Bogor community. Online shopping trends have become popular in this area. In two years, online sales growth in Bogor has surged by 113%. This has made Bogor the eighth-highest region for online transactions out of 514 cities/regencies in Indonesia.

From these statistical data, it's clear that all business industries in Bogor need to undergo digitalization to adapt and compete with other digital markets. One of the most effective digitalization methods is by using a website. So, what are the benefits of having a business website? Here are some important points.

  1. Enhances Business Visibility

With the development of digital marketing strategies, online visibility is crucial for your business's growth. In this era, marketing is no longer sufficient through word of mouth. It's time to present your business face to the digital world to improve online visibility.

This will undoubtedly benefit you, as the majority of buyers discover new brands when searching for information on the internet. It's time to have a website with the help of a website development service in the Bogor area.

  1. Information and Promotion Medium

Websites can be used as a business information medium. You can include various important information useful for potential customers. Moreover, you can also promote products or services through the website. Customers tend to trust the official website of a company more than information available on third-party sites.

  1. Expands Digital Market

By having a website, your business is not only known to the local community but can be accessed by all internet users. This means your potential customers will expand, not limited to a specific area. This also has the potential to assist in the export process, as seen in some other businesses.

  1. Enhancing Business Credibility

Having a professional website will positively impact your company's credibility. Customers will trust your business more and are likely to proceed with transactions. So, choose a trusted website development service in Bogor to create a professional website.

Website Development Services in Bogor from Sekawan Studio

If you're still confused about finding the right website development service in Bogor, choose Sekawan Studio. Website development is one of the excellent services from Sitespirit. Here are some advantages of Sekawan Studio that you should consider.

  1. SEO Friendly

Website development services in Bogor from Sekawan Studio are developed according to SEO standards and Google guidelines. This ensures proper optimization techniques for your website. It is essential to pay attention to this to ensure your website appears on the first page of Google search results.

  1. Responsive Design

You also need to consider the user experience factor when visiting a website. Responsive design provides user comfort in exploring information on your company's website. Sekawan Studio will design an exclusive layout that fits your business's characteristics, potentially attracting more visitors.

  1. Updated Technology Update

No need to worry about being outdated; Sekawan Studio ensures the use of the latest technology that is updated to adapt to various dynamic needs. Website development services in Bogor at Sekawan Studio also come with attractive features according to your needs, making it easier for you to manage.

  1. Trusted by Many Companies

Many clients have entrusted the development of their company's websites to Sekawan Studio. This shows that we have experience in creating business websites according to needs, ranging from company profiles, landing pages, e-commerce, and more. Therefore, don't hesitate to choose website development services in Bogor from Sekawan Studio!

  1. Affordable Prices

No need to worry about costs; the website development service in Bogor from Sekawan Studio offers relatively affordable prices. Starting from around 9 million, you will get a professional website that can support business development. This price is also adjusted to your various needs and preferences. So, feel free to contact us first for a free consultation!

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